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The Jende Book of Sharpening Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives

November 9, 2009

I just wanted to post a shameless plug for my reed knife sharpening book – The Jende Book of Sharpening Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives.

The book is based on my reed knife seminars, and teaches the same exact method that I use to sharpen every Jende Reed Knife. It walks you through the entire process with lots of color pictures and descriptions along the way. The first half of the book contains a lot of sharpening theory and information (including an illustrated glossary) and is a useful reference for any reed knife user. The second half of the book focuses on the sharpening itself, taking you step by step through the shaping, refining and polishing stages of sharpening, and includes detailed instructions and pictures for both right and left-handed knives.

This book is a must have for any reed knife user’s library.

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