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Chosera Slip Stones 1×2″

January 15, 2019

1×2″ Chosera slip stones are the perfect stones for those little jobs! Carefully shaped with 3 different usable surfaces and 8 grits from 400 grit to 10K, they can fit into your glove box, field pack, first aid kit, bugout bag, tool box, or tackle box. One long surface is rounded over for use on recurves or scalloped serrations, while the other is shaped to a V for tighter serrations or small surfaces like wire nips, or field saws. The top and bottom flat surfaces can be used for conventional sharpening.

We’ve bundled these into 3 choices – a coarse set with 400, 600, 800, and 1K grit; a fine set with 2K, 3K, 5K, and 10K grits; and full set of 8 grits.


Shapton Pro Slip Stones – Available in 4 sizes and up to #30,000 Grit!

September 14, 2010

We have added a line of Shapton Pro slip stones in several standard sizes*!


There are 4 standard sizes available in all Shapton Pro Grits – From #120 to #30,000 (.5 micron):
6″ Rod – 14mm x 14mm x 6″
Rectangle – 2″ x 3″ x 15mm
“EP” Size – 1″ x 6″ x ~5mm
Narrow – 0.6″ x 6″ x ~5mm

The beauty of these slip stones is that they go all the way up to 30K, leaving traditional slip stones in the dust.

There potential is only limited by your imagination, and can be used on knives to plane blades to straight razors to scissors to periodontal curettes.

Pictured below: The entire slip stone line up, including Chosera stones and DMT Plates for the Edge Pro; Shapton Pro 6″ Rods; Shapton Pro 2″x 3″ Rectangles.

Stay tuned as we will be adding Chosera slip stones soon!

*Custom sizes are also available. Please contact us for more information.