About Me

My name is Tom Blodgett. I began sharpening in 2000, and started sharpening professionally in 2004 when I founded Jende Industries. I sharpen reed knives, straight razors, beautician’s scissors, kitchen knives (Western and Japanese) and dental instruments.

My quest for sharpening knowledge and skills leads me to do lots of little experiments – some work, some don’t. Either way, I learn.

If you’re just getting into sharpening, you will probably have many of the same experiences as I have written about here as you progress on your own journey. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, with many twists and turns. Hopefully the words here will cut through much of that and allow you to skip a few mistakes along the way.

I wish you good sharpening!


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Pete Nowlan Says:

    AWESOME blog Tom thank you.
    I’ve got that OCD too now thanks to you guys

  2. Judy Paprock Brenner Says:

    Hi Tom, Your company name will appear in Sharpeners Report, the Nov. issue. Contact me for more information — Publisher

  3. Scott Strojny Says:

    Hi Tom
    Recently I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a part time sharpening business, like you my focus would be on beautician scissors and kitchen knives, although I would also be interested in dental instruments and reed knives as well. I have been reading a lot of stuff on the internet about the basics of sharpening. I also spend time at the wicked edge website/forum. I realize that there is a learning curve to mastering sharpening. At this time I am considering the wicked edge pro for knife sharpening and the twice as sharp ookami gold for scissors. I am wondering what your suggestions would be as far as equipment, training and best way to start this business. Thank You

  4. Michael Says:

    Tom, I was very impressed with your ceramic knife shaving video. I have been wondering for years, as have many others based on web forum chatter, why nobody makes a ceramic disposable razor. sharper and last longer. with all the advances in this technology it would stand to reason that some enterprising group would love a crack at revolutionizing the shaving industry. I have found blades on the web for industrial applications, they are expensive. If they lasted 10 x longer than steel it would be worth the price. Heck, those atra blades are expensive. Any thought on this subject?


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