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Ken Schwartz’s Corner Now On The Jende Industries Website!

July 7, 2015

With some restructuring of the Jende Industries website, we’ve finally grouped all of Ken Schwartz’s products into Ken Schwartz’s Corner! Now you can find your Nubatama Edge Pro Stones, CBN Emulsions, and Kangaroo Strops all with one easy click (after easily navigating to the sharpening products on our home page).

Ken Schwartz’s products are arguably the highest quality around, and we’ve been carrying all of his products since day 1. He’s a mad scientist’s mad scientist, with a background in medicine and a bunch of other really smart things, and he’s single-handedly changed the way we use compounds in the sharpening world with his CBN and Diamond sprays and emulsions that now span a huge grit range – from 180 micron down to 0.025 micron, not to mention his introduction of Nanocloth as the preferred medium for sub-micron stropping – and it works well on the coarser grits, too!

Ken Schwartz circa 2011

We hope to be filling out the Ken Schwartz Corner with even more goodies shortly, so keep an eye out!