Jende Ceramic Sharpening Steels – Black and White Ceramic Rods

We are proud to announce our Jende Ceramic Sharpening Steels! They come in white ceramic (Mohs 9) and black ceramic (Mohs 8), and feature anti-break technologies in the handles and tips.

….and for those who have broken their ceramic steels with the slightest touch in the past – check this test out!

Knife steels are a staple found in almost every chef’s knife kit, but not much is known about the different kinds of sharpening steels out there. The Jende White Steel is triple fired, which hardens the ceramic material to Mohs 9. This added hardness is ideal for maintaining knives made with softer steels, and can be used for more aggressive steeling action.

The Jende Black Steel is double fired, which blackens the ceramic material and hardens it to Mohs 8. This hardness and density is ideal for maintaining knives with harder steels, and is an excellent finishing steel for quick touch-ups on the go.

The advantage to using ceramic steels over metal or diamond is the overall edge that is produced. Metal sharpening steels either bend an edge back into position without abrading (which is not necessarily bad in the short term), or rip the steel from the edge of the knife, substantially lowering the overall sharpness of the edge, not to mention making it very weak (which is just plain bad).

Diamond sharpening steels will abrade everything, but can be a little too aggressive if you’re not careful. This is good for aggressive maintenance, but for touching up an edge, it can quickly erode the initial edge geometry. Depending on the fineness of the diamond steel, it may also be diminishing the overall sharpness, and/or leaving a serrated edge.

The Jende Ceramic Sharpening Steels are designed with the idea that steels are used to maintain an edge in between sharpening. The Mohs 8 and 9 hardness of the steels work quickly and effectively, minimizing the loss of edge geometry while keeping the overall sharpness level intact. When using the Jende Sharpening Steels, it is recommended that your edge be sharpened between 1,000 and 3,000 grit .


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