Jende Custom Leather Chef Knife Roll

There are lots of amazing custom kitchen knives out there, and the problem we’ve seen is that while the craftsmanship of the knives is second to none, there is  a severe lacking of storage and transporting vessels that actually compliment the work of the knife makers.  Well, now that has all changed. We’re extremely proud to announce the  Jende custom leather chef knife roll!

Our chef knife roll is 100% artisan made, and is designed to safely and securely hold your knives while looking amazing. The oiled leather will only improve with age, with the dings and dents from years of hard use only adding to its character over time. With 16 knife slots on two sides (4 large, 6 medium, 6 small), it easily accommodates 12″ long blades, and has no problem with wide cleavers. A small leather pouch can store your thermometers and tweezers, or can be used to store your phone and keys.




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One Response to “Jende Custom Leather Chef Knife Roll”

  1. Melissa Quinn Says:

    I received my Jende Knife Rolls a few weeks ago and was awestruck from the moment I opened the package! It is obvious that the roll is made from a high quality leather and the stitching is precise and beautiful! My knives fit beautifully in the roll and the leather prevents them from sliding about (unlike my previous roll with was made of a canvas/cardboard combo and the knives slid all over the place during transport). I do mostly private catering in the yachting industry which requires me to move between home kitchens and yacht galleys and my new knife roll is proving to be up for the challenge. I’m looking forward to really breaking in this roll properly over the coming summer season. I know that this will be my knife roll for life!

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