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Have you subscribed to our Jende Industries YouTube page?

November 25, 2014

Our Jende Industries YouTube page has been around for a while under “jendeproducts”. We’ve put up some very interesting videos over the years with the intent of complimenting the hopefully useful content of this blog with a sound, informative and educational view of the products we sell and support.  We recommend subscribing to our page, as we have a bunch more videos in store for the future that will include a host of new products, as well as a gratuitous crazy shave video or two! Here’s a couple of classic videos from our youtube page:

My personal favorite was from filming the Maestro Wu D series knives. During the intro, there was an *ahem* “incident”…

Then we have our most famous video, with me shaving with a Kyocera ceramic knife…

And a nice product info video..



Jake Lieberstein – Now a Jende Reed Knife Retailer!

November 20, 2014

I’d like to welcome Jake Liebertstein to the Jende Reed Knife family! I first met Jake a few years back at a reed knife seminar at Oboe Works when they were at Columbus Circle in NY City. He was one of those students who took a deep interest in reed knife sharpening, and subsequently, in my method of sharpening reed knives. I’ve always been impressed with his work ethic and dedication to his oboe, and I’ve been particularly proud to watch his sharpening skills mature over the years.

I bumped into Jake again this past summer at IDRS in Manhattan, and was happy to find that he is now living in Chicago, and that he was ready to take on a few items to sell in his thriving reed making business. I was, and still am, honored that one of the first things he wished to sell was the Jende Reed Knife. So if you are in Chicago, or know Jake, look him up. He’s in the process of getting his webpage up, in the meantime, please contact him at

Diamond Bars by Ken Schwartz – For Buffers

November 17, 2014

We’re happy to announce that we now have Diamond Bars from Ken Schwartz! These specially formulated diamond bars are packed full of diamond abrasive, making them very fast, and very consistent. They also come in a wide range of grits – from 80 micron down to 0.10 micron! So if you’re removing rust from a blade, repairing chips, profiling or reprofiling, sharpening, or polishing the blade, these bars are essential.

Sun Yat Sen University 中山大學 – A Musical Exchange between China and Taiwan

November 14, 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to be the conductor of the National Sun Yat-Sen University (中山大學) wind band club in Taiwan for the last 14 years. Opening it’s doors in 1980, it is a top 10 school with a full fledged music department, but the wind band club is made up entirely of non-music majors. We’ve had some great years, winning 2nd place in the National Southern Taiwan Band Competition, getting a “Highest Achievement” award from the Ministry of Education, and even performing for the University’s graduation ceremony. I’m fiercely proud of them, to say the least.

This year is host to a new milestone for our band. Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1866-1925), who’s nickname in Chinese is 中山, or Chung Shan, literally meaning “middle mountain”(originally called “Nakayama”, in Japanese – his story is quite amazing, actually!) is the father of Democracy in pre-communist China and later, democratic Taiwan, and is a highly respected figure in both countries. In 1924, he started a civic university what would become Chung Shan University in Guangzhou, China, and this year marks the 90th anniversary of the school’s founding. As part of the celebrations, the band, choir and string club students of the Taiwanese University were invited to take part in a joint concert to celebrate.

The timing was tough – it was midterms for the Taiwanese students – but we still managed to muster up 35 or so club members for the trip. As their band conductor, I was able to tag along, but I lurked in the background as this was about the China/Taiwan relations event, and not about me being the conductor. I went because as a somewhat protective teacher to my students, I wanted to make sure my students got the most out of this experience. These students are not music majors, they did not experience regional or all state bands, and I knew that this experience of many hours of rehearsals over several days would be a challenge for them, even though the final rewards would be immeasurable.

Day 1 was pretty exciting – a new university (actually not so very different, since it was technically “the same” university…)

Chung Shan University - China

Chung Shan University – China

Breakfast at the Student Union was actually pretty good! (All the school meals were unsettling good, actually – I was getting scared because institution food was not supposed to be so good…) Then onto the first rehearsal. There was that awkward moment when no one knows anyone, but everyone managed to find a chair.

First Rehearsal

First Rehearsal

The joint Choirs were not there yet so our students made the best of their free time and rehearsed on their own.

Choir Rehearsal

Choir Rehearsal

Here the conductor is rehearsing “more” of the choir. There were still quite a few more people who would show up!

Some of the full choir

Some of the full choir

After several grueling days, the students were definitely feeling the pain of the rehearsals, and lack of sleep – but it was soon time to check out the venue, and do a sound check and dress rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

And before you knew it, the concert was over! We got a few pics of our groups!

Band and String Clubs

Band and String Clubs

Choir Club

Choir Club

Support Team!

Support Team!

The results for my students was as I had hoped – they got a taste of what it is like to perform in a large orchestra with choir, and a taste of what it is like to endure the hours upon hours of unrelenting rehearsals with amazing conductors, so that just when they thought they couldn’t physically take it anymore, the excitement of the concert gave them that extra burst of energy which propelled them through an amazing performance experience that they will remember long after they graduate. And it was a job very well done, too. On a political, and more important personal growth note, they all made friends with people that are supposed to be political enemies, and through the beauty of music, were able to see that these sister-school students are not so different from each other, after all.

We are 中山大學!

Razor Honing with Jende Diamond Films

November 14, 2014

The new Jende Diamond Films are great for honing razors. I personally use the 1″x6″ size with PSA for all my razors, but you can use larger sizes, with or without PSA backing just as well! Here I go through the 45, 30, 15, 9, 6, 3, 1, and 0.5 micron films. For most razor applications, I recommend the Polishing Set from our website, which is the 15, 9, 6, 3, 1, 0.5 micron films (1K through 30K).

Jende Diamond Films – Using PSA and Non PSA

November 12, 2014

Our new diamond films come with the option of being PSA backed or non-PSA backed, and this video gives a quick how-to about securing your non-PSA film to a surface, and how to change the PSA backed film. This is on the 1″x6″ Edge Pro size films, but the methods will work on all sizes.

Diamond Films by Jende Industries

November 10, 2014

Abrasion resistant steels and ceramic knives are now an established part of the knife and tool world, and this requires diamonds in order sharpen them effectively. That’s why we are proud to introduce Diamond Sharpening Films by Jende Industries! We have 10 grits available, ranging from 80 microns to 0.5 microns (180 grit to 30,000 grit), and come in Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener (WEPS) size, Edge Pro size (1″x6″), 2″x6″, 3″x8″ and 3″x11″. They are also available with PSA and non-PSA backing.

2x6 jende standard set web

2″x6″ Diamond Films by Jende Industries

With a grit range that rivals that of some of the best sharpening stone series out there, our diamond films can handle profiling and repairs while bringing your edges to amazing heights of sharpness. Our films are also great for slip stone applications – they can be wrapped around dowels for sharpening serrated edges or the inside curvatures of turning tools, or used to polish the blade of old razors.

We’ve put together a few diamond film sets to choose from in order to get you started:

The Polishing Set includes one piece each of 15, 9, 6, 3, 1, and 0.5 micron films (1K to 30K grit), and is a comprehensive set that is geared toward general edge maintenance and regular repair work. Straight Razor honers will benefit greatly from this set, and those looking for shave ready knife edges will definitely impress!

The Standard Set includes one piece each of 45, 30, 15, 9, 6, and 3 micron films (320 to 6K grit), and is an “all around” set that can handle profiling and reasonable repairs. The 3 micron finish produces a mirror finish, and is “good enough” for most knife and tool applications.

The Coarse Set includes one piece each of 80, 60, 45, 30, 15, and 9 micron films (180 to 1,500 grit). This coarse set is meant for some more serious work, be it cleaning up scratches from belts or diamond plates, or for removing chips or reprofiling. The 9 micron film leaves a great “working sharp” edge that will hold up to abuse, and still do some serious cutting.

Jende Custom Leather Chef Knife Roll

November 2, 2014

There are lots of amazing custom kitchen knives out there, and the problem we’ve seen is that while the craftsmanship of the knives is second to none, there is  a severe lacking of storage and transporting vessels that actually compliment the work of the knife makers.  Well, now that has all changed. We’re extremely proud to announce the  Jende custom leather chef knife roll!

Our chef knife roll is 100% artisan made, and is designed to safely and securely hold your knives while looking amazing. The oiled leather will only improve with age, with the dings and dents from years of hard use only adding to its character over time. With 16 knife slots on two sides (4 large, 6 medium, 6 small), it easily accommodates 12″ long blades, and has no problem with wide cleavers. A small leather pouch can store your thermometers and tweezers, or can be used to store your phone and keys.