– For All Types of Sharpeners is now live!

Finally – a forum for sharpeners of all disciplines!

Most forums out there focus on individual kinds of sharpening, such as knives or scissors or woodworking tools; or on specific methods, such as freehand or the Wicked Edge or belt sanders. This is all good – but there are a lot of great sharpening techniques and philosophies that go unlearned or unexploited between the various sharpeners because there is just no cross-talk. is designed as an open space where all sharpening related questions and experiments can be shared and learned from in an objective and supportive open-air atmosphere. There is also an area for knife/blade/tool, handle, scale and sheath making, as these areas often overlap with sharpening.

We invite all levels of sharpeners, and questions about all kinds of sharpening methods, tools, and techniques as we are all on our own journeys. Who knows,  you may just find yourself falling further down the rabbit hole! 🙂 So please stop by and check it out. Ultimately, it just a bunch of sharpeners who love talking about sharpening!

See you there!


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One Response to “ – For All Types of Sharpeners”

  1. jmbullman Says:

    Being a moderator and charter member, I personally believe it’s going to be one of the best sharpening forums ever. It’s a fun safe place where you can ask anything sharpening related than get your answer in a timely manner. There is no such thing as a dumb question, it’s just a question you don’t know the answer too. When I say safe it means no bashing no being made fun of something you perfer over another. I am looking so forward to it. Thom Blodgett has picked or made another winner. Man’s a pure genius. Jmbullman

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