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Bullock Blades – Maestro Wu Knife Dealer and Expert Sharpening

October 14, 2013

We are excited to announce that Bullock Blades and Sharpening is an official dealer of Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Knives!

Bullock Blades and Sharpening are now able to provide for all of your Maestro Wu needs, with in-stock knives and access to the entire Maestro Wu catalog. Please contact Bullock Blades and Sharpening on their website or their facebook page for further information.

JM Bullman of Bullock Blades and Sharpening is well known and respected in sharpening circles for his high quality service and skills, and a Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Knife with a Bullman edge can only make the smile on your face bigger when you use it! 🙂 Here’s a quick video to prove it:

And for those who don’t know the Maestro Wu story, here it is:

金合利鋼刀 Maestro Wu Logo

Chin Ho Li Steel Knife Factory, located in the Wu-Tsuo (“Wu’s Residence”) of Kinmen, has been dedicated to knife making and design for over 60 years. Mr. Wu Tsong Shan, the founder of Kinmen’s cutlery industry, specialized in iron casting and learned tool-making techniques in Xiamen, China during the period of Emperor Kwang-Hsu of the Ching Dynasty. Subsequently, his son, Mr. Wu Chao Hsi, inherited the business and established the Chin Ho Li Steel Knife Factory.

During World War II, there was a serious lack of resources on Kinmen. Steel was particularly hard to come by, so Mr. Wu Chao Hsi began to collect the artillery that had been dropped by the U.S. and the Allied Air Force and used the shells to make knives. That is the story of the renowned “Kinmen Steel Knife”. Mr. Wu Chao Hsi earned the reputation of “MAESTRO WU” by carrying his forging furnace on his shoulder and travelling throughout Kinmen Island to serve the local communities.

Later, Kinmen also suffered artillery bombardment from Mainland China. The “August 23, 1958 Artillery Battle“ was the severest battle during that period. The bombing left millions of shells that became an abundant source of material for the production of knives. Mr. Wu Chao Hsi started to collect the shells from all over Kinmen Island, and earned his reputation by forging the artillery shells into fine cutlery. Today, the “Kinmen Steel Knife” enjoys an international reputation.

Through the consistent and premium quality and design, the “Chin Ho Li Steel Knife” is the most renowned brand name and a legend in Taiwan. Mr. Wu Tseng Dong, the current president, devotes himself to promoting the products throughout the world. He defined his company as a service provider instead of a conventional knife maker and named the product as MAESTRO WU to represent the Chin Ho Li Steel Knife, and the Kinmen Steel Knife as its identity on the international market. Visitors can see the process of the steel knives making and forging techniques, and even assign a shell and observe a knife being forged from that.