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The Secret to Improving Your Razor and Knife Edges – Dr. Matt

September 7, 2013

Learning to sharpen and/or hone is difficult enough without having to avoid the minefield of bad, incorrect and misleading information that often leads to frustration and failure. In the following video, Dr.Matt (Youtube Drmatt357) is one of the people who I have had the privilege of being able to point in the right direction when he first caught the shaving bug, and he has certainly taken his honing and shaving to new levels!

Dr. Matt’s video presents a very compelling argument for using a microscope when honing a razor by comparing and critiquing several professionally honed edges under the scope. While he agrees that you don’t need a microscope to get a good shave, he concludes that the shaves are certainly better when the scratch patterns on the bevels are more consistent and have gone all the way to the edge of the edge.

Great work, Dr. Matt!

You saved the best for last, too! 😀