3 Shaving Videos with 3 Different Maestro Wu Cleavers – OMG!

Warning – In all seriousness, please do not attempt to do this without a mastery of the proper wet shaving techniques – it is extremely dangerous.

The people in the following videos are actually all experienced straight razor shavers and are skilled razor honers who have all been deemed legally insane, crazy, unhinged, and even nuts by the highest authorities across several shaving communities. For more information about Maestro Wu’s knives, please visit maestrowu.de or jendeindustries.com.

I’m not sure how these videos ended up coming to be, but I think someone one the knife forums posted a video of himself dry shaving his goatee off with a 240mm kitchen knife, and someone said they could do that with a cleaver, and well, here we are  🙂

The first video is of yours truly, Tom Blodgett, aka, jendeindustries. I’m using a Maestro Wu D-4 Cleaver that was honed using he Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener (WEPS) with  Shapton Pro stones up to 30K, finishing with Ken Schwartz’s .125 micron CBN (see my microscope progression of the honing process here). I have been shaving with straight razors for over 9 years, but only 1-2 times per week.

Next up is my good friend Michiel Vanhoudt of Belgium with his Maestro Wu D-11 Cleaver. He’s pretty new to the straight razor scene, but he is an extremely talented and experienced sharpener and fast becoming a major force in the straight razor honing world. I was secretly hoping he’d slice his head clean off, but alas, the only head that got sliced was that of a pimple on his chin.  🙂  His progression used the Edge Pro with custom cut  Shapton Pro #320, 1k Chosera,  then 2K, 5k, 8k, 15k Shapton Pros for the Edge Pro followed by 0.5 CBN, 0.5 CrO, 0.125 CrO, 0.125 CBN horse (all on balsa), and finally stropped with Clean horse from Hand American.

Next is my good friend Jens Skandevall from Sweden, aka, Honed and Bengt-Hans with his custom Maestro Wu Damascus D-11 Cleaver.  Jens probably has the most straight razor shaving experience out of the 3 of us. He free-hand sharpened his cleaver using full sized Shapton Pros 1.5K, 5K & 8K, then the Naniwa Superstone 10K . He finished by stropping with HandAmerican 0.50µ and .25µ Mono Diamond on leather, back to Hand American 0.5µ Chromium Oxide on balsa, then on to Ken Schwartz 0.1µ CBN on balsa & finally with Ken’s 0.025µ poly diamond on kangaroo. – Say that 5 times fast! This shave includes 2 parts below. Part 1 is With the Grain (WTG), and part 2 is Against the Grain (ATG).

AND Since someone is going to get the bright idea to attempt a large knife shave after watching these videos, please watch  this tutorial video I made about shaving using a Maestro Wu A-5 Damascus 10″ Chef Knife. I know the knives will be sharp, but it will hopefully save some of you crazy yahoos from lopping your head off because of poor shaving technique.  (BTW, the technique in the 3 videos above is all acceptable, it some of the others out there I’m referring to below.)


Edit: Another video with a Maestro Wu D-11 has surfaced – this is the one and only Ken Schwartz of Precise Sharpening, and the granddaddy of the sub-micron CBN and poly diamond sprays out there on the market. This video is not for the faint of heart! (yes, he makes it out alive – but I don’t know how….)


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