Where to find Jende Industries…

Jende Industries serves a few different specialty markets, and I like to hang out in a few different places.

First, Jende Industries is a proud advertiser at the knife forums, where there is a Jende Industries sub-forum. I also spend most of my time in the keeping sharp area, where the discussions are obviously centered around sharpening. There are some seriously talented and knowledgeable people in there, and if you do nothing else, I highly recommend lurking there.

We have just become advertisers on Badger and Blade, too. Product announcements will be made in the Vendor Corner, but (to no big surprise) I usually hang out in the Hones/Honing sub-forum. There’s a solid group of people there, mostly people who like to hone straight razors. Honing skill levels vary from newbie to honemiester. I can honestly say  that knife sharpening and razor honing are two entirely different skills, and there is usually some very good advice offered up by the more experienced honers as well as some great pictures of hones/stones.  Be careful, though – getting into straights can be addictive on several fronts – including hones, razors, brushes, creams, aftershaves, and strops…..

I also love spending time on Shave Ready. It’s a vendor-friendly straight razor related forum started by Olivia’s soaps that has super friendly members who, as of now, are mostly experienced straight razor shavers. It’s more honing-heavy, which is why I love it so much. However, there are the usual forums to be found. Even though I am a vendor, I can hang out on Shave Ready and just be myself – an avid honer/sharpener.

I also check in on a regular basis on a few other forums, although mostly as a lurker.

Jende Industries got its start as the maker of the Jende Reed Knife, which has become a quality name in the Oboe and Bassoon world, known as the International Double Reed Society, or more commonly, as the IDRS. We advertise in their publications and we’ve been the annual conferences since 2004. They have a Forum, which is filled with information about everything Oboe and Bassoon related. I basically lurk there answering only when specific reed knife related question arise.

I also like to check in to two other shaving sites. Coticule.be is probably the finest forum to do with Belgian Coticules. Bart is probably the world’s foremost expert on coticules, and is lightning fast at honing and stropping. He also knows a ton about honing razors. Again, they have other forums, not just coticule related, and the members are generally more experienced straight razor shavers.

Lastly, I check into The Shaving Room. It’s a British based forum with a lot of DE users. If you start lurking on any of the shaving forums, you’ll quickly see a lot of the same names – that’s how addicting it is – not to mention most of the people are just great company.


I hope to see you there!


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