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New US Distibutor for Tanaka Toishi Japanese Natural Stones!

October 3, 2010

This announcement was made a week or 2 ago by Ken Schwartz of Precise Sharpening, who is now the official US Distributor for Tanaka Toishi, a 6th Generation Japanese Natural Stone Dealer. The Tanakas also own their own mountain! (That is just freakin’ cool!)

The best part is that now many of the difficulties associated with describing the uniqueness of each Japanese Natural stone can be explained in great detail by Ken – in English. By the way, Ken has a medical background, so you will be sure get a complete diagnosis from him on each stone! 🙂

The official announcement below was taken from the knife forums. The full thread can be viewed here.


Major announcement regarding JAPANESE NATURAL STONES!

Tanaka Toishi Kogyosho exclusive distributorship

As many of you know, on my last trip to Japan I visited Kyoto. Since that time, I have had many conversations with Tanaka, the sixth generation owner of Tanaka Toishi Kogyosho.

At this time, I am extremely pleased to announce that Michiaki Tanaka has selected me to be their sole distributor for their products, which include a broad selection of natural stones. This sole distributorship is for North Americas, which includes the importation of their products to the US, Canada, and Mexico. It does not exclude selling their products to other countries as well.

I am extremely proud and honored to have developed this relationship. In the coming days and weeks I will be developing a web presence regarding these products. I will be working closely with Mark of Chefknivestogo to help promote these products so expect further upcoming joint announcements. I am certainly interested in knowing what you, members of this forum, are interested in in terms of natural stones. I will be developing both a knowledge base of information about these fascinating stones as well as a selection of stones to choose from. While my primary focus will be towards the use of these stones for knife sharpening, it will be expanded to include sharpening straight razors, woodworking (and other) tools and sword polishing stones. I’m looking forward to a cooperative arrangement with other vendors as well as customers.

These stones will be primarily oriented to people who use freehand sharpening techniques, however there will also be announcements regarding the use of a select few natural stones for precision guided devices as well. There are other products that Tanaka carries, so expect to see other interesting product introductions in addition to natural stones too.

This announcement does not in any way mean that my current ongoing vendor relationships will cease. In fact you can expect them to expand as well and I look forward to additional cooperative ventures, which will be the topics of additional postings.

Dealer inquiries are welcome.

As many of you already know natural stones are quite unique and individualistic, unlike synthetic stones, so if you are looking to acquire specific types of stones, please let me know and I will help you find them. In some instances certain rarer stones will be unavailable, but there’s no harm in asking.

Not only is the Tanaka family a seller of fine natural and synthetic stones, but they are also producers of natural stone.

They are owners of their own toishi-yama in Kameoka City, which is a source of natural stones.