Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Knives Available at Chef Knives To Go!

Chef Knives To, aka CKTG, has just started offering Maestro Wu Bombshell steel cutlery!

The starting lineup includes a 7″ and 8″ bombshell steel chef knife, a 9″ Damascus bombshell steel chef knife, a 7″ Chinese style slicer, and a 10″ and 12″ bombshell Sushi/Yanagiba.  (Link to the Maestro Wu page on the CKTG website).

The story of Maestro Wu and his knives is extraordinary. The tradition of using bombshell steel begins back with Maestro Wu’s Grandfather, who during the early days of WWII started collecting shrapnel from the beaches of the island due to the shortage of good quality steel, and forged them into knives. In August 1958, Communist Mainland China attacked Democratic Taiwan and a 2 week battle ensued in which over 200,000 bombs bombarded the tiny island of Kin-Men. Taiwan successfully held the island, and a cold war which lasted almost 20 years began. During this time, China would bombard the island every other day with non-exploding propaganda shells while the inhabitants of the island safely took refuge in an elaborate system of underground and mountain shelters. Thanks to these events, the legacy of the bombshell steel knives has been secured well into the future, with new shells still being unearthed every day.


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