30K Shapton Pro Stone for the Edge Pro

Since our introduction of the cut Shapton and Chosera stones for the Edge Pro, Ken and I have been trying to find the best way to bring the 30K Shapton Pro stone to Edge Pro users – without the need for a second mortgage.

With the acceptance of the 2″ wide mounted DMT plates for initial bevel setting and the 3/4″ wide stones for recurved blades, the Edge Pro community has shown that the EP is not limited exclusively to the 1″ wide standard.

With this in mind, Ken and I have found a solution for the 30K Shapton Pro!

As the 30K grit stone is solely for adding the finishing touches to an already refined edge, you’ll only need a few light passes with the 30K to take the edge up another level. In order to make the 30K stone more affordable, we are going to offer it in a narrower width – roughly 0.6 inches, but still at a beefy ~6mm thick and 6″ long. It comes mounted on a 3/4″ wide aluminum plate.

The 30K Shapton Pro for the Edge Pro is US $120.00 + shipping, and is currently only available through us on the Knife Forums. This will not be a regular product on the website, but we will try to make it as available as possible when enough people get on the list.  So join the Knife Forums, and reserve your 30K Shapton Pro EP Stone now!  🙂


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