Straight Razor Travel Strops with Chosera 10K Stone

Picture this: You’re a straight razor user who is packing for a week long business trip or vacation and it’s time to pack the toiletries. The  moment you’ve been dreading has arrived. Bringing your straight razor is not the problem, as you most likely have either one or several dedicated travel razors, and they are small enough to store in your checked luggage.

The problem is the strop for your razors.

A full size strop will need to be rolled or folded in order to fit into a suitcase. This strop is very vulnerable at this point, and can be scratched – or worse, gouged – if laid flat and the contents shift (which they will for sure if you fly). If coiled or rolled, the same risks apply, along with the risks of compression or creasing. Packing your strop with the original box (if you still have it) is probably the best bet. But even then, with the way airlines treat your luggage these days, nothing is really safe, especially when the TSA will be rummaging through it. (For what it’s worth, I travel by air a lot with knives, and the TSA, along with airline and airport staff all over the world have been very accommodating, as long as you explain to them what’s in your suitcase before they open or search it. But knives aren’t strops).

So what do you do? Bring enough straight razors for the duration? Switch to a DE razor? or do the unthinkable – use a cartridge or disposable razor?

Well now you can bring a real travel strop.

The travel strop concept isn’t new. Many people have a dedicated full size travel strop, just as they have dedicated travel razors, but this is something different. The travel strop, available from Straight Razor Sharp, is truly travel sized – complete with interchangeable 1″ x 6″ strops, including a hard balsa wood strop that can be loaded with Hand American chromium oxide, a hard felt strop for use with Hand American diamond spray, and even an optional 1″ x 6″  10K Chosera sharpening stone for touch ups! (Straight Razor Sharp Travel Strop)

Each item has a magnetic backing that fits into an embedded magnetic receptor in a piece of Maple wood. The total dimensions are a compact  8″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″.

Now I have a much better excuse to travel…. 🙂


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