– A Vendor Friendly, Straight Razor Forum went live in the beginning of February, 2010, and is a meant to be a gathering point and forum for the expanding number of straight razor related vendors and service providers to speak freely about their products and participate as individuals.

I’m surprised that this sort of thing hasn’t happened sooner. Reputable vendors in the straight razor world have a great amount of knowledge and experiences about their products and services, and are more often than not, are happy to share their “professional” opinions with anyone who will listen- even if your eyes do glaze over after a few minutes! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always about making the sale, it’s about networking and helping the entire straight shaving community. After all, most of us are also straight razor users.

I hope that everyone interested in straight razor shaving goes to and signs up, or even just visits to see what’s going on as it hopefully grows into something everyone can benefit from.


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One Response to “ – A Vendor Friendly, Straight Razor Forum”

  1. A Sharper Razor Says:

    I joined. The forum is full of helpful people. The discussions are not the same stuff, different poster. I highly recommend joining to find out more of the nuances of straight razor shaving.

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