Shapton Glass or Professional for straight razors?

Here’s the latest about what I’m hearing from the voices in my head: With the revelation that I was using too much pressure to sharpen my own straight razor, I am switching my thoughts from the advantages of the glass to those of the pro, especially at the higher grits. Here’s why:

The glass stones create a more polished finish because of the slurry that comes off the stone. You get a more “residual effect”, somewhat similar to the effect of the paste from other stones. But you are cutting the steel with more fresh abrasives, getting deeper grooves because the glass stone wears faster, exposing the pointed parts of the abrasive.

With the pros, the abrasive particles don’t come lose as readily, so they shouldn’t scratch as deeply with successive strokes because the pointed parts become more rounded before coming lose – especially at the higher grits. If you apply this to the Pro 30K, (BTW, I am one of the few lucky people in the universe who has one!), then you should get a “better” finish than from the glass stone.

The only thing I don’t yet have the answer to is if the abrasives used in the pros are the same or different than the glass. The matrixes are different, but if the abrasives are different, then that will influence the results.

To be quite honest, the more I think about which might be better for straight razors, the more I get confused!


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